BI-SU 16 Natural Instant Bird's Nest

Contents: 0.98g/bottle 5 bottles/pack

Pure bird nest soup with authenic swiftlet's bird nest from Malaysia.



  • Product Features

    Made with the authentic natural swiftlet nest from Malaysia. The natural, simple and pure ingredients make it the best superfood for our body. And because of simplicity, texture of the fresh swiftlet nest stands out. It does not use any artificial sweetener, preservative or colouring.

  • Ingredients · Nutrition ingredient display

    Ingredients: Swiftlet Nest · Sugarbeet · White Jelly Fungus Extract · Collagen Peptide (Gelatin) ※ No artificial sweetener, preservative or colouring agent

    Expiry date: 2 years

    Nutritional component of 1 bottle (per 28 g)

    * Analytical test results by the Japan Food Research Laboratory

  • How to Consume

    You can enjoy it as it is as a dessert. You can also enjoy it deliciously by adding to yoghurt or smoothies. We recommend you to eat every day for the first week. After that, please enjoy at your favourite pace, such as 1 bottle every 1 or 2 days. You may consume at your favorite time such as breakfast or before going to bed.

    How to consume it properly

    • Serve it as a dessert to your guest, it will surely be a good topic to talk about.
    • It is secretly popular as a surprise gift, celebration gifts and as presents to loved ones.

    How to take it out properly

  • Storage
    • Please avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature or refrigerator.
    • Because no preservatives were used, please consume as soon as possible after opening.
    • ※ Because we are using only natural materials, colours of contents may differ or sediments may be generated, however, there is no problem on the quality.
    • ※ The darkGold pigment is the original color of sugarbeet. It is not from a colouring.