Bird's Nest Collagen Beauty Essence Jelly (Rose Flavor) 30pcs

Contents: 0.42oz/pc

Jelly with swiftlet's bird nest extract, collagen and real rose extract.



  • Product Features

    Formulated using natural Swiftlet's nest and rose essence, the product is rich in collagen, white mushroom essence, and vitamin C. A sachet contains multiple nutrients essential for beauty care to let you emanate youth and vitality from within.

  • Ingredients · Nutrition ingredient display

    Ingredients name: Rose flower extract (manufactured in Japan), Beetroot sugar, Swiftlets Nest Extract, Fish Collagen Peptide (including gelatin), White Jelly Fungus Extract, Wild Grass Fermented Extract / thickening agent (polysaccharide thickener), Vitamin C, Citric Acid

    Shelf life: 2 year from the manufacturing date

    Nutritional component of 1 stick (per 12 g)
    Salt Equivalent0.01g

    * Analytical test results by the Japan Food Research Laboratory

  • How to Consume

    As a guide please consume 1 stick per day. You can consume it directly as a snack or desserts. Refrigerate to make it taste even better. Convenience size to bring it on the go. Please enjoy it in your favorite place at your favorite time.


    ※ Please check the ingredient and refrain usage if you have any allergies.

    ※ For those who are pregnant or on breast feeding, please consult your doctor before consuming

  • Storage
    • Store in a cool area away from high temperature and direct sunlight or keep it refrigerated.
    • Open the packet carefully not to scatter the contents.
    • Please consume immediately once opened
    • ※ Because you are using all natural materials, the contents may discolour, but there is no problem on the quality.