Mysterious power of swiftlet's nest

Mysterious power of swiftlet's nest

Key to the beauty and health "Sugar-chain"

"Sugar-chain" plays a very important role in our beauty and health.

Sugar-chains are attached to each and every cell (about 60 trillion) in our body like hair, and are responsible for communication between cells. Therefore, when the sugar-chains are reduced, it becomes difficult for the wound to regenerate and our immunity becomes weak.

In order for sugar-chains to work properly, you need to supplement eight kinds of "glyco-nutrients".

Swiftlet's nest compensate the sugar-chain nutrients in a well-balanced manner

It is quite difficult to intake all eight types of "glyco-nutrients" from our diet and it needs to be compensated through supplements. The swiftlet's nest contains 6 types of glyco-nutrients. Amongst them, the amount of sialic acid, which is the key to sugar-chains, is 200 times that of Royal Jelly.

Glyco-nutrients Main ingredient Ease of consumption
Glucose Most plants and cereals Can be adequately replenish through meal
Galactose Dairy products, Swiftlet's Nest
Mannose Cactus, konjac, Swiftlet's Nest Only small amount can be replenished through meal
Fucose Algae, mushrooms, Swiftlet's Nest
Xylose cereals, plant skins, mushrooms
Nr-Acetylglucosamine crustacean, Swiftlet's Nest Mostly cannot be replenished through meal
Nr-Acetylgalactosamine Milk, shark cartilage, Swiftlet's Nest
Sialic acid Breast Milk, Swiftlet's Nest

Two-ingredient factors contained in swiftlet's nest

Uncover the infinite possibilities.

The swiftlet's nest possess a history of more than 2000 years, but yet some part of its benefits still remain unknown. We established the "Swiftlet's Nest Research Center" with the aim of revealing its power. We are also conducting joint research with university and hospitals. In addition to the beauty and health fields, we also aim to eventually apply to various fields.